Stanley Thompson and Icons of Canada

 Excerpt froStanley Thompson and Icons of Canadam the Introduction:

Canada has often been described as a country in search of its identity and that it has far too few things that bind it together as a nation. For over three decades Stanley Thompson travelled the length and breadth of Canada in a pioneering fashion creating golf courses which are landscape architectural masterpieces. These landscape masterpieces engender a sense of commonality and are strong links between people in nine different provinces. Stanley Thompson’s work took him to nearly every region of Canada and he was either personally present or involved in some way with many of the people, places, and events that help to shape and define our country. Stanley serves as a touchstone for these events, these places, and these people. Many of these continue to be icons of Canada while others are forgotten but should not be. There is no other individual Canadian who in some way can be so closely connected to many of the major historic changes that occurred in Canada from British Columbia to Nova Scotia in the thirty-some years that Stanley Thompson worked. In many ways those years shaped the Canada of today as the country now moves into the second half of the second century of it’s existence. Stanley Thompson stands out as a unique character and the telling of his story becomes a telling of the history of early modern Canada.


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