Stanley Thompson Technical Guides PhotosThe booklet is 8.5 x 11 inches, spiral bound. It is 70 pages and is illustrated in colour throughout with historic and contemporary photographs along with illustrations. Mostly of Thompson’s courses, they demonstrate various principles. 


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Section descriptions


Includes a letter from the Past President of the Donald Ross Society; a review of the Society’s founding principles and its past and ongoing work; a note about the authors stating ... "the authors are architects or superintendents who have direct hands-on experience with specific subject matter; others have been involved with various golf club matters on Committees, Chair of Green Committees or as Directors and Presidents”; and a comment from Dr. Geoffrey Cornish.

Section 1: Principles

Essays about the rationale for restoration; a review of classic golf course restoration including descriptions of Thompson’s work and the current state of older courses; a description of his basic design principles.

Section 2: Assessment

This section tells how to fact-find through established methods and sources; a description of playing surfaces - from tees through to greens; information about bunkers and mounding; and trees on a golf course and how to handle them.

Section 3: Planning

An informative section dealing with communicating with club membership; how to build a team; strategic planning; selecting an architect; a critical must-read part about environmental concerns; explanation and objectives of a master plan.

Section 4: Restoration

Considerations regarding bunkers and greens; how to manage trees; the tendering and construction process; the various phases of construction.

Section 5: Reference

Profiles of the authors; further reading material; bibliography and credits.