Book Review: Stanley Thompson & Icons of Canada

November 24, 2018


While on vacation in early August, I received an email from Karen Hewson, executive director for the Stanley Thompson Society, who told me about a new book on the life and times of the society’s namesake.

Stanley Thompson and Icons of Canada by Dr. James Harris had just been made available and Hewson asked if she could send me a review copy. She made it clear the society had nothing to do with underwriting the book and that its involvement in the project was strictly as a distribution source.

“I’ve read it and I think you’ll love it,” she wrote.

What I wondered about was redundancy. The late Jim Barclay, a distinguished member of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame, penned a fine account of the iconic Canadian course designer, “The Toronto Terror,” back in 2000 and a book featuring multiple authors, The Golf Courses of Stanley Thompson: Celebrating Canada’s Historic Masterpieces was published in 2007. It too had references to Thompson’s life and career. Combine those with a cadre of literary efforts appearing in magazines and periodicals through the years and I had to ask: What’s left to be written on Stanley Thompson that hasn’t been already?   Read more