About the Stanley Thompson Society  

The Society is committed to education about Stanley, research about his work, advocacy on behalf of his work, and experiences on Thompson designs, such as through the annual Thompson Classic. To fulfill this mandate  the Society is operated by a board of directors, and supported through the membership dues of Friends, Clubs and Corporate members, as well as fundraising programs and the sale of products.


The Stanley Thompson Collection

An agreement with The University of Guelph Library & Archives is in place for the archiving, restoration and preservation of Stanley Thompson Society plans, notes, contracts, photos, memorabilia, etc. collected to date and in the future (Stanley Thompson attended the Ontario Agricultural College at the University of Guelph) .

Stanley Thompson Society Collection

The Canadian Golf Hall of Fame/Golf Canada Archives also hold some materials on Stanley Thompson, including his war medals and citation. The Interactive Course History Map may also assist in your research.

Thompson golf courses, relations and friends who may come across Thompson items of note are encouraged to contact the Stanley Thompson Society (archives.history@stanleythompson.com).

Society members and other parties interested in Thompson information are welcome to visit the University of Guelph for viewing of the Stanley Thompson Collections. You can search the online database of the University of Guelph Collection here. If you are interested in visiting the Archives this link will allow you to register for access to the collections.

  • The archive is public and contains Thompson’s papers, plans,  photographs and numerous items of interest.
  • It is regularly used for research purposes.

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These images (a plan, photograph and letter) are typical of what can   be found in this comprehensive collection.

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The Team

The Board of Directors of the Stanley Thompson Society is as follows.
Ron Gable, Dr. Jamie Harris, Sandra Post, Ron Gable, Steven Young, Keith Cutten, Steven Goodman, Barbara Bank, Ryan Logan, Meaghan Carey, Bob Patterson and Warren Law.
Should there be interest in becoming involved in Society initiatives and Committees, please contact the Society’s Executive Director, Karen Hewson, at executivedirector@stanleythompson.com. Input and participation are welcomed, particularly from members representing different regions of the country.

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The Society is governed by a Board of Directors and its bylaws. The activities of the Society are guided by a three year operational plan and annual budget that is approved by the Directors. The members of the Board also sit on a number of committees.

Executive: liaison with Directors

Governance: bylaws, director nominations

Finance: budget preparation and monitoring

Marketing: branding, membership services and campaigns

Communication: information to members, media and other constituents

Special events: tournaments

Archives, History, Heritage, Education and Alliances: research, education and relationships with like-minded organizations

Merchandise: production and promotion of items for sale

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Get Involved

Contact a board member or the executive director to find out how you can be involved


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