Stanley Thompson Courses Overview

The following is a list of golf courses laid out, or constructed by, or remodeled by one of several companies that Stanley Thompson worked for or managed in the years 1912-1953. In some cases his involvement was minor and in a few, was problematic. The extent of his involvement is made clear in the appendix to The Toronto Terror, a book published in 2000 by Sleeping Bear Press and written by Jim Barclay, an honorary member of the Society. Later and more complete facts about some of his courses have come to light and in recent years have been noted in the Stanley Thompson Society’s publication "Dormie”. Recently a 'third party' independent research project, 'Provenance & Authentication' investigation was completed by Dr. Cecelia Paine and MLA Graduate Student Kirsten Brown at the University of Guelph.

Please note that in a list of this sort, it is not possible to provide the details of what Thompson did on each course. As well some courses no longer exist. Case in point, the Bayview course listed in Toronto is not the same Bayview Country Club that exists today. The list is also intended to assist those who run across a golf course that claims to have some degree of Stanley Thompson input, but is not listed here. Should such a course or courses be found, please contact the Stanley Thompson Society at