Mississauga Golf & Country Club

Mississauga, Ontario

Percy Barrett from Lambton Golf Club designed 9 holes in 1906 and in 1909 George Cumming from the Toronto Golf Club increased it to 18 holes. Donald Ross made revisions to the course in 1919 and in 1921, Stanley Thompson was commissioned to rebuild some greens, traps, and divert the Credit River followed by his lengthening the course in 1927 in preparation for the 1931 Canadian Open

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Mississaugua Golf & C.C.
1725 Mississauga Road
Mississauga, Ontario
Canada L5H 2K4

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Extent of 'Thompson' Work

Construction/Renovation design
Renovation done by Lewis and Thompson (architect: Stanley Thompson)
Verification level: Level 1
Lewis and Thompson
Construction/Renovation construction supervision
Renovation done by Lewis and Thompson (architect: Stanley Thompson)
Verification level: Level 1
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