Kenogamisis Golf Club

Geraldton, Ontario

The Kenogamisis Golf Club is situated along the picturesque shores of Kenogamisis Lake in Geraldton, Ontario, Canada. Only 270 Km Northeast of Thunder Bay, this community of approximately 2,600 people features a golf club with a rare blend of 18 holes designed by both Stanley Thompson and Les Furber. The Front 9 ( Thompson Course) built in 1938 remains virtually unchanged since, while the additional Back 9 holes (Furber Course) were added in the year 2000. 

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Kenogamisis Golf Course
632 Michael Power Blvd.
Geraldton, Ontario
Canada P0T 1M0

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Extent of 'Thompson' Work

9 hole golf course design
New done by(architect: Stanley Thompson)
Verification level: Level 1
9 hole golf course construction supervision 
New done by a (architect: Stanley Thompson)
Verification level: Level 1


  • Plans for Kenogamisis GC
  • Digital files of original plans
  • Kenogamisis GC Website
  • Reference to Kenogamisis GC in 'The Toronto Terror'
  • Visual impact of all green/bunker/mounding