Humber Valley Golf Course

Toronto, Ontario

The golf course, designed by Thompson in 1921, was located along the west bank of the Humber River in Rexdale, Until the mid-1950's the name "Humber Valley Golf Course" referred to a semi-private golf course located on the west bank of the Humber River. In March 1958, Metro Toronto opened the new Humber Valley Golf Course, the link for which is located above.


Toronto, Ontario

Extent of 'Thompson' Work

9 hole layout design
New done by Thompson Cumming and Thompson (architect: George Cumming)
Verification level: Level 2
Stanley Thompson


  • Memo from ST to Minister of the interior TG Murphy
  • Letter to Burlington Golf & Country Club signed by Frank Thompson
  • Stanley Thompson Co. Ltd- Golf Architects advertisement
  • Reference to Humber Valley GC in 'The Toronto Terror'