Chapples Golf Course

Thunder Bay, Ontario

In 1941, the city of Fort William took ownership of 331 acres of land around the Neebing River with the intention that it be used to create a recreation area. After 1942, with the Second World War underway, plans seemed to stall but that all changed on January 25, 1947 when Clement. E. Chapple (Chairman of the Fort William Town Planning Board) wrote to the Fort William mayor and council stating that if the city matched his funding, he would pledge $5,000.00 per year for five years for the development of the Neebing Recreation Centre.

Documents show that Mac Spence, the chairman of the Recreation Committee and S. T. McCavour who was Clement Chapple’s personal representative met with Stanley Thompson “while (he was) passing through Fort William and Port Arthur, Tuesday night May 6. (1947) After explaining Chapple(’s) grant to the city (they) dis-cussed development of (a) golf course.”
It is apparent from the report of the meeting that Stanley was interested in pushing the project ahead quickly, however the Fort William men wanted to take a longer development approach. Before Stanley left Fort William the next day, it was agreed that he would design an 18-hole plan. However, he left behind cost estimates of $29,200 for the development of an initial 9 holes.

Construction of the golf course occurred through the remainder of 1947 and 1948. In February 1949 the Neebing Recreation Centre Committee passed a motion to change its name to the Chapple Memorial Recreation Centre. Clement Chapple’s widow Annie cut the ribbon to officially open the 9-hole golf course on July 16, 1949. Since opening the golf course has been known as Chapples Golf Course.

Extent of 'Thompson' Work

Addition of 9 holes

Addition done by Stanley Thompson & Co. (architect: )

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Stanley Thompson & Co.


  • Stanley Thompson Co. Ltd- Plans for the Golf Course
  • Telegraphs between the city recreation department and Stanley Thompson Co.