Design Principles

Ten principles guided Stanley Thompson in his golf course design:

1. Select best property of 150 to 200 acres with

  • Unforgettable views
  • Natural features such as rivers/lakes, trees, good soil
  • Environment

2. Clubhouse site overlooking terrain

  • Both nines start and return to clubhouse
  • Adequate room for parking
  • Practice and putting green

3. Walk, walk and re-walk the property

  • Pick out spectacular par 3 sites
  • Work natural par 4 and par 5 sites into layout

4. Easy aesthetic start, strong, long and difficult finish

  • No par 3 before 4th or 5th hole
  • Last par 3 on the 16th or 17th hole
  • Finishing holes not into setting sun
  • Route holes around perimeter and second nine inside - property dictates routing

5. Natural green sites

  • Varied in shape and size at 6000 to 6500 square feet
  • Contoured two to three putting areas, good drainage
  • Blended into surrounding terrain
  • Unique mounding
  • Deeply faced bunkers with upswept sand and capes, Greenside bunkers
  • Allow pitch and run shots
  • Angled green to fairway

6. Bunkers

  • Greenside
  • Fairway at dog legs
  • Protection
  • Just off tees
  • Target

7. Tees

  • 3 elevated sets - size in proportion to par of hole
  • Aiming to centre of fairway
  • Greens, landing area, bunkers to be seen from tee

8. Fairways

  • Strategic routes to green, 5000 to 6600 yards in length
  • Mounds, spectacular and voluptuous bunkers at doglegs
  • Mix dogleg left and right
  • Target bunker

9. Par breakdown

  • Five par 3's (145 yards to 245 yards S.T.'s favourites)
  • Eight par 4's (340 yards to 445 yards)
  • Five par 5's (460 yards to 590 yards)

10. Other course features

  • Course designed to use every club in the bag.
  • Short and long holes equally distributed.
  • Difficult and easy holes equally distributed in sequence.
  • Stanley Thompson always remembered more than 85% of golfers shoot 90 and over
  • Course designed to test both low and high handicap golfers alike, insuring enjoyment for all.