American Society of Golf Course Architects

The American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) is a non-profit organization comprised of leading golf course designers in the United States and Canada. Its members are actively involved in the design of new courses and the renovation of older courses. Stanley Thompson was a founding member in 1947.

As at its inception in 1947, the ASGCA credo remains today as follows:

"The goal of the golf course architect is to design a great golf course. A great golf course must, like life, offer intrigue, diversity, mystery, and the opportunity to experiment; it must require creativity and problem-solving; and it must challenge your limits, and test your character … the ASGCA … is dedicated to the advancement of research of golf courses and their design, and the dissemination of that information to individuals and communities interested in planning greenspace for recreational purposes. It is dedicated to attracting new players to the game and enhancing the beauty and virtues of golf.” ASGCA ‘05

The founding members of the ASGCA are pictured below.


The American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA) held its first annual meeting in Pinehurst on Dec. 5, 1947. Shown at that meeting (l. to r.) are: William P. Bell, Robert White, W.B. Langford, Donald Ross, Robert Bruce Harris, Stanley Thompson, William F. Gordon, Robert Trent Jones, Sr., William Diddel, and J.B. McGovern. Of the original founders of the ASGCA unable to attend the first meeting were: Perry Maxwell, Jack Daray and Robert "Red” Lawrence.

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